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Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Fire Truck Muster

We have many children at Jellybean who are crazy about trucks, large vehicles, or any vehicle really. Is that your kid? Lucky for you, the 2015 Fire Truck Muster is this Saturday from 10-3pm. The Michigan Firehouse Museum puts this on every year at Riverside Park in Ypsi for everyone to come visit the fire trucks, young and old, and see the big hoses spray into the river!

This free event is open to the public. So stop by to check out the cool fire trucks and spend the afternoon in the park. :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Resources in the Lobby

We have so many resources for you and your family here at Jellybean Daycare & Preschool. Not only do we have the resources listed on our website for parents from parents, we also have an abundance of things up front in the lobby for you to use at any time:

Parent Resources Lending Library: This library is located in one of the cubes by the bench. In this lending library, you will find multiple different books on different topics ranging from parenting help, easy recipes, what to expect books, and children's books that help them understand certain life events such as getting a new sibling or where babies come from. Also on that shelf is the Licensing Notebook. The State requires us to have this notebook out for you to look at in case you'd like to check at their report last time they came.

Literacy Packs: These Literacy Packs are located on a different shelf by the bench. The packs are for you to bring home and use with your children for a little bit more interactive reading. Each pack includes a children's book and a game that you can play to go along with the book.

Backpack Kits: The Backpack Kits are located on another shelf by the bench. These kits are similar to the literacy packs, but they are more directed towards other areas of learning like math. There are activity cards in each kit to help direct their play.

File Folder Games: These file folder games are located on yet another shelf by the bench. We used to use these file folder games for our curriculum before we updated everything. Each folder has a specific game inside, whether it's matching or counting, to help your child learn while they have fun within the game.

*All of those above resources require you to sign them out. There is a clipboard on the same shelf of the File Folder Games that you can use to sign them in and out. Everything included in each of the packs/kits is written somewhere within the pack. Please make sure to include everything in the pack when you return it. If you lose something, let us know so we can replace it for the other children.

Ask Me Board: This board sits on top of the shelves that are attached to the bench. It is a small blue board that the bathroom teacher writes on everyday that gives you questions you can ask your child about their day. You can ask them on your way home, during dinner, or during bath time. We give you these questions so you are able to have a conversation with your child about all they learned about that day.

Business Card Holder: Up on the wall by where payments go, there are a bunch of business cards available for you to grab if you need something. Many of our parents have their own businesses or have a service they'd like to share so we have their business cards available for you to take. The best resources are those that surround you, so if you have a business card you'd like to share with other parents, bring a handful of cards and put them up on the wall.

Bulletin Board / Wall: The bulletin board / wall is not only beautifully decorated by Juju, but has information about the current month (menus and event calendar), activities and events going on during the month, and any other pertinent information we would like to share with you. That could mean recalls on popular toys, weather reminders, etc.

Metal Filing Holder: Opposite of the Ask Me Board, there is a holder that has different things in it each month. In this holder, we may put coupons we get to hand out or take home activities we create for you. Check it every so often to see if there's something for you to take if you want.

Lost & Found: The Lost & Found is pretty self-explanatory. We put anything we find without an owner in this bin. At the end of the month, it will get emptied. Be sure to check once a month or so to make sure none of your child's stuff wound up in the lost & found.

Have any more questions on how this all works? Ask away and we'll be sure to answer!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Letter from Ms. Jenn: Things Kindergarten Teachers Want You to Know

Next month is a start of a new school year.  Many of our Jellybeans will be starting Kindergarten and we have a bunch of new Jellybeans starting preschool here!  I thought I would share with you this month a list of things that Kindergarten teachers want you and your child to know.  We will be working on these things with the preschool children to get them ready for Kindergarten in 2016 too.

1. Talk about school in a positive but realistic way to help prepare your child on what to expect.

2. Be prepared for every emotional reaction from your child on the first few mornings.

3. Let go! Trust your child’s teacher and trust your child.

4. Name, Address, and Phone Number.  These are important things for your child to know.

5. Encourage your children to dress themselves.  Tying their own shoes is great too!

6. Make sure your child knows how to open all of the items in their lunch box and put them back away.

7. Set a morning routine that works for your family and stay with it for consistency.

8. Get plenty of rest: early to bed.

9. Encourage outdoor play and reduce screen time.  Since in Kindergarten a lot of their time will be spent indoors, give them some time to spend outside.

10. Read to your child every day: this is the most important thing you can do to help your child with school success.

11. Talk to your child about their day.  Encourage them to describe what they did that day and introduce new vocabulary words during your talk.

12. Play counting games with your child to help build math skills.

13. Sing nursery rhymes and poems to help your child build their literacy skills.

14. Write, write, write. Encourage your child to write with chalk, pencils, or markers in a tub.  Focus on the proper way to hold the writing utensil.

15. Keep extra curricular activities to a minimum during the first few months of school while your child adjusts to the new schedule.

16. Be prepared for tantrums.  This is a big change for your child; they have so many new rules to follow at school they may act out at home for a bit.

17. Encourage your child to be responsible for their own things.  When they get to Kindergarten they will have to keep track of their own belongings.

18. Toileting and personal hygiene.  Can your child take care of their own personal needs in the bathroom?

19. Nap and Comfort items: time to phase these things out, this may be a tough transition for your child so give them some time to get used to it before school starts.

20. Enjoy this moment!!! Take pictures for memories to watch these babies grow!

-Ms. Jenn

Monday, August 3, 2015

POTM: Assessments

This has been taken directly from our handbook on how we assess the children and their progress here at Jellybean. If you have any questions on how we do this, let us know.

Each child’s developmental progress is tracked throughout their time at Jellybean. Teachers in each room perform routine assessments on a daily basis while children are alone and in groups. These daily assessments are recorded in several ways:

•On our daily health check list: The teachers do a general health check for each child in attendance each day.

•In journals: Each child has their own journal. These are written in every day, from developmental milestones to something they said or did. 

•On daily sheets: In the infant/toddler room, your child will have a sheet that lists information about their day (meals, diaper changes/potty times, naps, and other notes) in a classroom binder. You can take a look at their sheet at the end of the day and take a picture if you feel the need. 

•Through conversations with parents: There is constant communication between teachers and the parents. If you ever have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff.

We perform formal assessments twice a year followed by conferences. We use two different versions of Ages and Stages Questionnaires to evaluate the children. We also send these assessments home via email for you to complete with your child.